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Welcome to Honey and Hug – natural cosmetics store!   

Everything you need to take care of your beauty every day.

My name is Elena and I’m an official distributor of ILONA LUNDEN Cosmeceuticals in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Cyprus. Honey and Hug Store is my space where I collected the effective cosmeceuticals with the richest composition. Try it and fall in love! 

Every day I create, pack and send your parcels with ILONA LUNDEN from Riga, Latvia. 

Let me tell the story from the beginning.

How was it started?

I came to Cyprus from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, in 2017. Soon enough I discovered that the local climate is harmful to my skin and hair. That time I I honestly tried everything – from pure organic to the luxury brands, and didn’t get the result. I was really upset but didn’t want to give up! One day I remember about ILONA LUNDEN (IL) Cosmeceuticals which I used in Russia. The decision was made instantly – I need ILONA LUNDEN in Cyprus!

I would never started a cosmetics business only for money. IL was my rescue and I learnt a lot about beauty routine.

Beauty care turned out to be not so difficult if you know a scheme and using natural cosmetics.

In summer 2020, I opened my first solo corner filled with love and the cosmetics with the richest recipes – ILONA LUNDEN! The corner was situated in the heart of the tourist area in Limassol. The whole year me and my small team worked hard to provide the best service to my clients. In Cyprus, we have all experienced several lockdowns in 2020-2021, and my shop was closed for customers, and I soon realized that most of the orders go through this online store

A difficult but necessary decision was made – to close the store and save the online shop with delivery. At the same time my husband and I have decided to leave Cyprus and move to continental Europe.

In autumn 2021, ILONA LUNDEN cosmetics became available in Baltic Region and Cyprus, and my new office began operating in Riga. 


In July 2011, the brand ILONA LUNDEN Cosmeceuticals appeared with the very first product – 100% Natural Elixir for Hair and Body. Since that time ILONA LUNDEN has been creating powerful and efficient cosmeceuticals for body, hair and face, so every woman could have SPA-treatment at home. Every day.

Beauty care every day – this is the philosophy of the brand. We do not cheat time. We do not try to be frozen in forever 18. We prefer being beautiful every day, no matter of the age.

We remove toxicity from our lives. We remove toxic relationship, toxic atmosphere. We deserve the best.

ILONA LUNDEN Cosmeceuticals offers unique, absolutely safe products with the highest content of natural ingredients in each bottle. It is free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, mineral oils, and not tested on animals.

When you try the luxury home treatments once, you’ll love it forever.

ILONA LUNDEN has won numerous awards

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